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    basiakirby commented  · 

    I don;t think that those who made the decision to remove the option for recording personal greeting understand the business world. Sometimes people, as smart as they are now about the tech, should not be making life/business understanding decisions. Additional. when we all signed up for a skype number this option was available. What kind of a respectable company nonchalantly dismisses the original agreement such as that signing up for a skype ph number will also provide the option of a personal greeting? Signing up for a ph number is connected with many business decisions that have the long term consequences. When our costumer now call us to leave a message they don;t even know if they reached the correct number. How many more explanations and pleading Skype needs to get how important is the personal greeting to conduct a business properly?

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    basiakirby commented  · 

    I use my skype ph number for business. I just discovered today that Skype took off this option. I truly dislike many aspects of the new Skype version, but today I am really upset When I upgraded the Skype version, I did not even think that my personal greeting disappeared. Only today when I needed to change the greeting, and I could not find the option, I chatted with Skype and I was informed that this option doesn't exist. I pay for having the Sky number. Please resume this option. You have now 152 votes, just imagine how many people are like me, they have no idea even that their personal greeting is not working when someone calls them. Why would you take this option away?

    basiakirby supported this idea  · 

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