1. NO Unlink button - Security breach!!

  2. Microsoft sure knows how to destroy a wet dream. SKYPE before Microsoft took it over worked seamlessly and the features were 100% practical.  ·  Working on it

  3. Skype should use the cache directory to cache files, not the config directory

  4. File Formats, Voice messages recording times, Skype Web version voice and video calls for Firefox and Opera browser

  5. Good job of sharing contacts!Now my clients and providers know each other. you'll bear responsibility for this privacy violation!

  6. please post the last time ALL users logged on so I don't send to someone who never comes here anymore.

  7. just like we can use skype for free that we dont need to have a data

  8. keep Skype 8 backwards compatible with 7

  9. Assition of live translation for incoming calls

  10. Screen sharing and Remote control feature

  11. Very bad ! Last update of skype v8 can't get MY PRIVATE audio files sent in PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS !! PDF can be downloaded but not audio

  12. Stop sending out updates and revert to the last version before you bought it and ruined it in 2011


  14. if the individual chat can backup to some email , it will easy for search as skype delete the data periodically

  15. Security Function to store all messaging / calls on a local server.

  16. Pls communicate Skype’s Unique Value Proposition over Google Talk or WhatsApp. I think it’s “customer not product” but not sure...

  17. Allow me to remove Cortana Completely from Skype.

  18. Please let user to download all chat history from cloud storage

  19. The previous version of Skype allowed voice translation

  20. Short Code SMS receipt support

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