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  1. Add setting to use external browser on mobile

    Please provide a setting that lets users open all links in their default browser/designated app on mobile Skype. I want the functionality of the default app (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, chrome, etc) when I open links. It's cumbersome to have to click 'open in browser' for each and every link, when it should be a setting users are able to change for all links.

    The Gmail app has this feature. It's a check box that says 'open links in Gmail' that users can uncheck. Please implement something similar for the Skype mobile app.

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  2. Bring back privacy settings

    Allow me to define who can send me messages. Either only people on my contact list or everyone.

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    Hi everyone, thanks so much for this request. We have thought this through and due to other high priority engineering that the product needs we decided to prioritize other user-requested items for now. Please keep continue supporting this Idea and we will review it again later. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

    - Petr

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